Soil Analysis

Jardins Cléroux offers soil analysis services to better understand your soil, make the appropriate adjustments to fertilize and improve your soil. Your vegetables seem weak? Your lawn has lost its lushness? Your flower beds are not flowering as they should? This means it’s time to analyze your soil’s composition, solve the problem, and help you grow healthy plants!

The best time to analyze your soil is in fall or spring:

  • when you are about to plant new additions to your garden and need to know whether the soil is compatible with the plants’ requirements;
  • when established plants have some difficulty to grow;
  • or simply when you get curious and wish to know how healthy is your soil.

How to proceed?

Jardins Cléroux provides sampling bags, which you can pick up in-store. Once you have collected samples, bring them back to the garden centre and we will provide the results the following week.

How to collect a sample:

  • Remember to collect a soil sample for each planting location you wish to analyze.
  • Use clean tools that are free of rust.
  • Use a shovel or a spade, dig a sample slice 20 cm deep, unless you are planting shrubs or trees, in which case the sample needs to be a 30 cm deep slice.
  • Collect 10 to 15 samples making sure to cover all the surface targeted for analysis.
  • Fill each sampling bag up to the line as indicated.
  • In some cases, you should remove any debris at the top of the slice.
  • Bring your bags to the Jardins Cléroux garden centre and we will proceed with the analysis.

When we have your soil analysis results, one of our trained staff members will interpret the results with you and provide precious advice on how to make the necessary corrections.